Thursday, November 11, 2010

How you avoid Credit card Bill.

Credit card used to pay each and every bill of everyday.You can pay your utility bill to flight ticket charge and your shopping bill.Credit limit decided on the basis of your credit rating and the credit rating judge by the financial institution according to your income your financial condition.If you have good credit rating than you can also able to apply for the unsecured credit card.Unsecured credit card is convenient for the people ,those have huge expenses ,and it is not possible to carry cash each and every time or it can be beneficial when you need to travel out of your home town for your job and business on this time unsecured credit card help you a lot.There is also demerits of unsecured card is that some time you cann’t control your expenses which will create financial burden on you.

Interest on some credit card high and for some credit card interest rate is zero. So when you go for credit card from your bank or any financial institution ,it is better that you can checkout all the detail available in the market, which help you to save your money.

Secure credit card is one where you need to deposit security amount and as per your security amount your credit limit is decided. Secure credit card help you to build your credit rating .Each and every credit card company report to the credit bureau for your payment status which help to build your credit rating .

Credit card debt is create a financial burden on you and if you use more than your credit limit ,you need to pay penalty fees on that, not only that if you forget to pay your bill on time than you need to pay interest on the due amount, which is also create a unnecessary burden on you.

You can easily avoid the unnecessary charges on credit card debt by preparing budget and avoiding the unnecessary expenses, use cash to every day shopping.