Thursday, September 9, 2010

Credit Repair after bankruptcy

Repair Credit after bankruptcy is hard but it can be done.You need to create a good transaction history to apply for the credit card.Try to avoid bankruptcy because its badly affect on your credit score, but it don't mean you can loss everything after bankruptcy.
Try to avoid unnecessary expenses or postpone the unwanted expenses for future.Try to use cash for most of the transaction.First you can prepare the monthly budget for your income and expenses this help you to get the actual picture of your financial condition.

You can apply for the secured credit card where you need to deposit a specific amount with the issuing company as a guarantee deposit.This deposit is work as your credit limit.
This guarantee money is refunded when you make a good transaction history with the bank.

Its very easy to get the personal loan or car loan and the installment payment for your loan is also measure for your credit history.If you have made all your installment payment on time than this will go in your favor.

You can apply for store card, this is the secure credit card. Getting the unsecured credit card is the last step.
If you can create a good credit history by paying all you installment on time and there is no default history than you can apply for the unsecured credit card. If you rejected than apply on next half of the financial period.

These are the steps for repair credit after bankruptcy, but if you control your unwanted expenses than sure you don't need to face the problem of bankruptcy.
Future financial condition is not predecide but at least you need to make proper arrangement that if there is any adverse condition arises tan what is your backup support o get out of the financial crunch.

Many time people select the the big installment option for payment of there loan and try to come out of the debt as soon as possible, but when they select the big installment option they donĂ¢€™t assume there future uncertain financial condition. Suppose your monthly income is $20000 and your mortgage installment is $10000 and due to some reason there is medical bill come $ 50000 ,or you got married or you become a father than your monthly expenses increases and you cannot be able to afford the huge installment payment. This is better than you can fix your installment 40% of your income to avoid these circumstances.

You made all your A to Z expenses with card so, you made a huge expenses on different payment.Try to avoid unwanted expenses or make the cash payment when there is small transaction and always try to use your resource by planned manner. Budget is the best way to control your unwanted expenses.


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