Friday, August 13, 2010

China become the largest technology exporter of the world

China was once viewed by the world a manufacturer of low quality and low priced products such as toys, apparel and textiles. However ,this perception is no longer valid.

It is rapidly emerging as a world class producer of advanced technology products, including semiconductors, fiber optics, pharmaceutical, etc. China’s incredible economic growth has been achieved mostly by its trade and export supremacy. Low manufacturing costs, abundant technically-skilled labor and thriving consumer market have pushed China towards becoming a global manufacturing hub.Its ‘global path’ has stretched significantly. It is now the world’s largest producer of the mobile phone,PCs,and cameras.The huge domestic market is attracting mammonth hi-tech firms worldwide,which have found a ninch in China. The country is in the process of becoming a technology superpower soon.For instance,though a meager 8% of Chinese have access to the internate , this equates 100 million people online, second only to the US. China replaced America as the world largest technology exporter.

Nonetheless, China has long way to go before it could catch up with the US on the technology front. The gap between both the countries in terms of progress in high-technology. The dragon is slowly gearing upto challenge the American dominance in the technology world.The main problem with the Chinese electronic sector is that most of the branded producer facing the problem from duplicate items with low quality.Suppose a black berry device which is a branded company provide new feature and gadget in there new model,the feature model with same name available in China with low prices,this will hamper goodwill of the company.

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