Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bike Insurance basic point

Every teenager or youth generation has passion to ride bike.Bike is not comfortable as like car but the passion and style is always place its importance above the car and also the bike is less costly than car.
Bike or motorcycle insurance dependent on some factor:

Age Group : Insurance company charge lowest insurance premium from older and charge high rate of premium from lower age group ,but if you are new rider your charge might be higher.

Geographical Location : City and traffic jam area has higher risk of accident therefore the insurance premium charge is higher here on the other hand the suburban area or low trafiic jam area has low insurance premium charge there.

Bike Technology : Highly improved and technical efficient bike are less chance of accident therefore Insurance premium is low for these bike user.

Previous record of the Bike user : Previous driving record also impact on the current charge of the insurance rate if you first time buy a bike than the previous car driving record measure.

Home Address : If your house located in high crime jone where most of time bike stolen than generally the insurance premium is high there.

Your profession : Your profession is also matter on the insurance premium suppose you have a building contractor or real state agent than the chance of your bike damage is high when you parked at under construction site .

When you go for bike insurance than remember one thing that the insurance company paid the market value of the damage bike so if you take high insurance to get high cover than you may be in loss.


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