Monday, March 29, 2010

Medical Tourism a new way to earn the Foreign Exchange

Medical Tourism concept is not a new its developed in 2000 or 3000 years ago when the European Countries peoples were travel to the Greek and the Asian countries peoples travel India.
In the new era with the development of the science and technology the US and European countries developed first as the Medical Tourism epicenter but later on after the 90s when the countries like India, Jordan and other Asian countries provided same facilities at lower cost then the epicenter change to Asia.
World’s leading medical facilities with well trained doctors available in developing countries like India, Thailand, HongKong, China, Taiwan but the charge for the medical services 5 to 10 times lower than the European and American countries.
Open heart surgery charges in the US or any European countries is 1 million rupees on the other hand same thing charged in India 00.4 to 00.5 million rupees, facilities provided by the doctors are same on both the countries.
Not only the treatment but also the medicine charge is much lower than the any developed countries.
In India foreign tourist come from African countries, from South East Asian countries and also from the developed countries like UK, USA, Canada, East European countries.
As the medical tourist get the lower charge, good hospitality with world class modern equipments available.

According to the American report more than 500000 tourists traveled in 2005 for dental and other medical checkup for other countries. As per the estimate the medical tourism industry become 100 bn dollar industries in 2012.
As the western and other countries prefer Ayurveda and yoga as the new way of treatment it also not any side effects therefore the in near future 70000000 medical tourist goes in developing countries like India and Brazil for the medical treatment

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